Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 4! Gettin Close!

'Musta kayo?! How Y'all Doing?! It sure is good to hear from everybody. This week I had my teacher translate some good stuff to say. Nangangaso ng usa, nagmamaneho ng sasakyan! Huntin' Bucks and Drivin' Trucks! Haha good stuff right! This morning me and my District and some other Elders from our zone decided to have Sauna Saturday. We threw a towel over the entrance to the showers and made a sauna. It was nice and relaxing. Last night we had a Zone Flossing Session. It was great, it really brought us closer as a Zone haha. I will send some pics. Our lessons have been getting better as we are progressing with the language. Being a District Leader is fun, but it's kinda hard. I hate to tell people to not do this or to do this better. But I guess someones gotta do it. There are 2 Sisters from St. George, ones from DHills the other from Dixie. I didn't know em but whateves, it was still cool to talk to someone from home. Mom I repped that little Santa Clara postcard in our class for a little while that you sent me. Everyone in my District knows about Santa Clara now! Also I found some sweet talks by Elder Bruce Stucki who grew up in Clara about there. One of his talks was about Prayer and it talked about how he hunted the hills behind Santa Clara with his bow for rabbits! Haha made me miss home a little! Lifes great! I hope everyone is doing well! Oh and no mom I don't need money. I've only spent like 40 bucks so far. Stamps would be nice though. I miss everyone so much! Keep the Faith! Mahal Kita!
Elder Akins

Zone flossing session. 

Our district with the others who came in at the same time.

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