Monday, July 13, 2015

Sorry For Not Writing

Sorry I haven't written for awhile, we've been scrunched with stuff lately. But lately things have been going well. Its still the same Office, same crazy stuff always happening. Lots of Trainings and more Trainings. I'm grateful for these past 6 months I've had to learn all about Administrative things being here in the Office, its been difficult for me to adjust to these kinds of things but the Lord hasn't left me alone I'd say. Its crazy I've even made it this far here. I heard something the other day from another Office Elder, he said that "The Lord placed us here in the Office because He knows if we were out in the Field we would be working." So I guess what he means is its just a different test for us here. I've definitely been stretched to my limits, but I've learned a lot from this experience. So this week I got to chill with the Supply Elders (Elder O'Connor and Elder Whitney) and help them with their work because my companions went to Catanduanes Island to do some exchanges and attend a Zone Training there. So on Wednesday I helped them reorganize and clean our apartment because its where all of the supply things are stored. Our Office is to small, so we sacrificed our space for it all. It took us most of the day, but at the end it was a project that Dad would've been proud of! I love finishing a job and seeing that was done right, I guess I got that from him ha. But we were really happy of how it looked, and the other Elders were blown away when they got back from work and stuff. We had a nice Companionship Study together at the end of the day, we kinda just shared some cool scriptures with one another and talked about how the Mission has impacted our lives. We would've planned for the following days work but we would be going all over the Mission to deliver supplies and fix apartments. We moved a whole apartment that Thursday, in the rain...yet again something Dad would've been proud of. Friday I gave my GoodBye Testimony to the Sorsogon Zone at their Zone Training. I got to attend there because we are reviewing Zone Trainings in our Mission to see how effect our ZL's are. The cool thing about that was I started my Mission in that Zone, gave my Arrival Testimony there, and then I got the chance to give my Departure Testimony there too. I shared about Matthew 21 when Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him and then tells him to "Feed His Sheep" also talks about fishing in there so I had to share it. But it went well I think. Hope they picked up what I was putting down about not wasting time out there ha. OH and I had real Milk that day for the first time in like 2 years! It was real good, can't wait to get some more when I get back. OH and one more funny story fore I finish. So Saturday it Brown Out'd here so I went to turn the Generator on in the back and I saw that it was out of Gas. So I started fillin it up with Diesel and sat down on a container. After a bit my butt felt a little wet, so I stood up and realized that Diesel and leaked out of it and made a pool right where I was sitting...I was so mad because I had just gotten those pants back from the Washers! The outside of my wallet got soaked too, smells real good now. But thats ok, everytime I smell it it'll remind me of my Mission! I'm really gonna miss being out here in the Philippines, this has been one of the best experiences of my life, if not the best! Well I hope all is well back in good ole Santa Clara. Can't wait to be back in town and see everyone! Love you all! Take care.

Elder Akins

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