Monday, May 5, 2014

Sick Week

Hey everyone! Well this was a tough week for us, due to some sickness. But we did have 1 amazing lesson on Tuesday! It was with our new investi Brother Robert Fuelles and his little family. We covered on how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how we are all His children and the such. After about 30 minutes we finished and asked if they had any questions. Needless to say we spent 3 more hours answering his questions! It was crazy! Although we did try to cut it short, he just wanted more haha! It was great, although we missed lunch haha. The next day destruction hit though haha. We spent 4 days holed up due to some kind of flu/cold thats been gettin around. It sucked. Sickness and heat don't mix very good. But now I'm healthy as a horse so no worries! That Thursday we had a District Meeting, that we were forced to go to because my comps the DL. I just chilled in the corner snifflin a ton. But after I received 2 Packages from home at the same was more than a few months late I think because most of the stuff was outdated...its cool though, still good! On Sunday we were chillin in a meeting and this big beetle was on the floor so my comp decided to play with it. He handed it to me and I didn't know what it was so I took it and it clawed onto my finger real good. My natural reaction was to shake it off so I did and it went flying across the room. Well thankfully no one noticed. It landed way close to this one girl, almost into her hair haha we laughed for a bit, still no one noticed. The sad thing about the meetings here is that there is no order. Kids are always running around Sacrament and peeking into our meetings and stuff. I wish some of the parents would discipline their kids a little more here. Oh well. After Church we went home, and right as we walked in the door we got a text that we needed to go give a Blessing to someone in the Hospital. Here in Sorsogon there are 2 Hospitals: 1 for the rich, and 1 for the poor. The lady happened to be in the poor hospital. All I'm gonna share is that I saw some crazy stuff that I'll share when I get home and the Government really sucks here. Its way corrupted. They need to help their Hospital Programs a lot more. I helped wheel this one guy in who had way bad scrapes on his legs and side, don't know why. After I helped wheel him up this incline I gave him a smile and a thumbs up, he did the same. It made me feel way good haha. It made me think of looking for more opportunities like that everyday. I try but I'm gonna try to look harder now. It really makes me feel like I'm a Disciple of Christ when I do those things! So hopefully I can find more of those situations. Well thats all I got. I love you all. Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Davis for turning 55...right?! Haha well thats how old he looks anyways! Love you guys!
Elder Akins 

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