Sunday, May 11, 2014


First off I hope that all the Mothers out there had an amazing Mother's Day...especially my Mom, she's amazing! I love you Mom! Well this has been another exciting and crazy week in the Mission. To start off we have been working really hard with one of our Less-Actives, Brother Cagunot. We've know for a while that he has a smoking problem, but this week he couldn't hide it anymore. He confessed to us, and so ever since we've been working with him to stop. Actually, he's been going a week strong! When we first talked about it with him we asked for his cig's, then he gave them to us and told us its better that we get rid of them so that he could'nt find them. He's been buying fruits with all of his cig money and eating that and drinking lots of water to keep him busy. So awesome! He's doing great so we are way happy! But with the good, there is always bad. We had to drop one of our Non-Progressing Investi's this week. His outlook on religions is that they are all right (which makes no sense) so he's not gonna leave Catholicism. Evened after we shared Ephesians 4:5 three times (1 Lord, 1 Faith, 1 Baptism). Oh well, maybe one day he'll realize the Truth. This week we had planned to teach about the Book of Mormon to one of our new Investi's, but when we went to his house he was with some friends...they were all drunk. Really nice and talkative, but drunk. We gave him the BOM, and when his friend tried to look at it he pulled it away from him and told him "Don't". It was like watching little kids fight for a toy haha. And after that we were walking down the road and a Powerline blew a fuse! It was like a big firework. The other drunk guys next to us started clapping and cheering haha it was way funny. Saturday night we had a Baptism for the Sisters. They called us the morning of and told me that I was gonna baptize her. Then I remembered that their Investi is I got nervous haha. The Baptism went well that night though, it was a 1 and your done kinda thing. But on Sunday she didn't show up for her Confirmation...I guess she went into labor that morning haha! Crazy stuff. And the best thing that happened this week of course was the Mother's Day Skype action that went on! Man it was good to see the Family! I love you guys so much! Only got 2 more of those and I'll be home! Well I'd just like to say Happy Mother's Day again to all the Moms out there, I got a lot of Moms so thanks to all of you! You guys are so awesome. I love you Mom. Have a great week everyone!
Elder Akins

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