Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 4

Not a lot of time this week so I'll try my best to fill ya in. First off, last P Day I got my first haircut here. The guy cut it good, but left the front the exact same. So I think I'm gonna need to cut it again this week. I also have learned how to cook Chicken Adobo. Thats our basic meal here. We eat that more times than not. Its actually way good. You get the meat from the market in town, cut it up into pieces with the bones still on, throw it into a pan with onions, garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar, and the works. So good. I love it. Well I missed Halloween. That stinks. All I could think of the whole day was all the scary movies I'm gonna watch in two years haha. They don't really celebrate Halloween here, instead its called "All Saints/Souls Day". They all go to the graveyards and sleep next to their dead ancestors. Haha and the night of there was a brown out, so all the people were screaming in the graveyards, we could hear them haha. The other day me and Elder Yu were tracting and this dog kept growling and barking at us as it followed us so one time he got to close and I popped on the nose with my foot. Also yesterday we were in the church having a party for one of the members birthday and this beetle flew into the church. This sister who is really funny decided to throw it on me. I didn't know it, but I kept hearing this like hissing sound on my tie. So I reached for the knot and I felt this beetle on my tie. Haha I started freaking out and threw it! I had no idea what was going on! Haha scared me to death. This week we taught the Pimentel family. They have a hard time getting to church because money is so tight. Tati Pimentel prayed extra hard this week that the Lord would provide for him so he could send his kids to church. A couple of days after he was in Gubat when he saw some paper crumpled up on the ground. He picked it up and realized it was a 500 peso bill! Then he opened it up, only to find another bill! He was so excited to tell us that the Lord had answered his prayers. He is so cool, I love him. Well thats it for this week. I love you guys and pray for you constantly.
Elder Akins

My apartment 
My tan line 

Me Slayin Monsters (JK It's a fisherman's, I borrowed)

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