Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 5

Well all is well. As you have all heard we did have a Super Typhoon hit the Philippines. Luckily our area was ok. We somehow only got hit with about a Class 2 storm. It was still windy and rainy but not much really happened. We just chilled in our apartment the whole day. A few of the members houses got beat up. Not much to clean up. The night before the storm hit we really just helped people move from their homes to the schools and our church. The scary thing is that the storm should have hit our area a lot harder than it did, but for some reason the storm kind of veered away from us so we only got hit with the side of it. Tacloban got hit way hard, there is over 10,000 dead there. So sad, the whole city is just a mess there. I heard that there used to be a cement stadium somewhere in the city, and now its like in rubble. Its crazy. And before all of this there was the earthquake down there too. There are rumors of a Tsunami happening because I guess there was another earthquake during the storm, I have no idea. Its crazy. But for now we are all ok here. The good news is that I'm going to be having my first baptisms on Saturday! The Jarabejo and Pimentel kids! I'm so stoked. They are awesome and are so excited! They both wanted Elder Yu to baptize them, which is understandable because he's been here the longest. I'm so excited though, these kids are so awesome. Something funny that happened to me this week was when me and my comp were walking to a Less Active families house. They live in the middle of this rice field and you have to walk on the path thats like 8 inches wide, which just so happened to be muddy from all of the rain. I slipped and my foot slid off into the muddy water on the side of the path, but as i tried to gain my balance I accidentally kicked some mud on my comps back haha. And that was his last clean shirt. I felt so bad but I laughed for like 5 minutes haha. Well before I end I wanted to share a cool quote I saw this week. Its from Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin: "Those who in faith, leave their nets (or fishing poles, rifles, bats, etc.) and follow the Savior will experience happiness beyond their ability to comprehend." I just thought that was awesome, and remember just because you aren't set apart as a full-time missionary doesn't mean you can't help out in the work. Thanks for all of your prayers, I love all of you guys! Mahal Kita! Ingat Po!

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