Monday, November 18, 2013

First Baptisms!!!

We finally did it!!! Me and Elder Yu finally dunked some people! Last Saturday was awesome! I can't describe the feelings I have for those kids. They are so awesome! Elder Yu baptized both of the families (3 Jarabejo kids and the 2 Pimentel kids), but it was still amazing to see some fruits of our labors. Haha there was only one bad thing that happened. The Pimentel family has these 2 crazy wild boys that are like 6 and 8, and they kinda just run around and do what they want haha. Their father is deaf so he really doesn't have any idea whats going on ever and their mother is extremelly shy (so shy we had to drag her to the baptisms basically haha). During the ordinances they ran up to the tub and were like cheering kinda haha and just runnin around the room. Nobody really is bother by it here haha I guess its just normal. Anyways it was still spiritual, regardless of kids slamming doors every once in while. Last week I also had Trainers/Trainees Workshop all the way in Legaspi. Its like a 3 hour drive from Gubat to there, so we had to wake up at like 4. We took a van and we had to fit 10 Elders and Sisters into it, plus 3 other passengers. It was pretty packed, especially for me because Filipinos don't have long legs, so they make the seats closer together. I was fine on the way up because I sat in the front row and I also sat by my old comp from the MTC, Elder Haymond. I felt a little queasy but was ok. We got there, listened to President Guanzon for awhile, did some different workshops and stuff, and then got to go to the mall. It was kinda weird being there haha. President fed us and then we went home. But instead of having some ok leg room like on the way up, I had to sit in the very back corner, and I did not feel good. I stuck my head out the tiny window for awhile, fell asleep with it hanging out the window haha then fell asleep again with my head in my lap. I don't think I would've made it if I hadn't been totally exhausted haha. They dropped us off in Sorsogon, like 45 minutes from Gubat so we took a Jeepney. I was sitting on top and it start pouring. Not just raining, but literal buckets! It might have been the biggest rain drops of my life. I couldn't see, and I even had glasses on! Needles to say my clothes were drenched. Haha it was pretty bad. The good news though is that we all bought airsoft guns the other day. I've been taking care of all of the neighborhood animals that stray into our yard. This way I'll be ready for Deer season when I get home. Aren't missions great! Haha gotta love it. The sad news though is that this week is Transfers, and Elder Hatch (the other 'Cano in my apartment) is moving somewhere up north. Elder Pascual is going to train some Greenie, that means I won't be new anymore! Thats good, I hated being new. Well I love you guys and am so grateful for all of you! You are all such a blessing in my life. Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns! I pray for you guys every day.
Elder Akins


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