Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 3 in the "Pines"

Well time is flying by for sure! This week just floated by. For starters, the whether here is crazy. Not 5 minutes ago it was sunny and nice, now its dumpin buckets outside. Its crazy. It kinda reminds me Cali because of all the overcast. This week we tried to help those people in our area with Baptismal dates to keep their commitments and not  relapse on some of their problems. We have a Brother who is 18 who used to drink so its hard for him deal with that, and he relapsed on a little bit of alcohol. He was kinda down about that, but we made sure he knew that no one is perfect and that we can always try for the next Saturday. We offered to give him a blessing to help him with his addiction. It was a great experience. After he gave us both hugs. He is such a cool kid and is really trying to learn all he can about the Gospel. I can understand the language for the most part...if an American is speaking. The Filipinos talk so fast its rediculous, I hear one word and think about it and by the time I've tried to piece that sentence together they are already done sucks. But it'll come one day, I got 2 years haha. The other day we got invited to eat lunch at a members house. They served us crabs, fish, rice, and this adobo with some kind of meat. They said they had already eaten and to go ahead. I didn't really pay attention to the meat as I threw it on my rice and ate it. I tasted it and couldn't help but cringe. Elder Hatch was sitting across from me and he started laughing and said it was chicken liver! Ehhhh! It was so nasty! I didn't like it at all haha. Everything else was good. I also had some of the famous bananas here, way better than ours. Another funny story was when we got done teaching the JarabeJo kids, Jarome caught this baby Gecko played a joke on my by throwing it on me. It was dark and I thought it feel on the ground and ran away so we laughed and started to walk home. About 200 yards down the road I felt something on the collar of my shirt. I jumped onto my neck and I flipped out and tried swatting it off haha I looked like some crazy guy dancing in the street haha. Today is the elections of their Kagawads or Counselors here so we can't proselyte
 tonight. I don't know what we are going to do. Throw a party or something haha. Maybe  we'll have a bonfire with all the banana trees around here. I don't know we will figure something out. Anyways thats all I got for ya this week. I love y'all and can't wait to see ya in 2!

Elder Akins


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