Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Week in the Philippines

Well shoot, where do I begin. This place is freakin crazy!!! I'll start with when I got off the plane. First step off the humidity hit me...then the smell. I'm used to it now, the smell that is. I don't think I will ever get used to the humidity. And its the dry season...not even the dryer season! Haha anyways so they loaded us up and sent us to this church in Legaspi where we meet our new Trainers and had a meeting with President Guanzon. My companion is Elder Yu from Cebu. He's awesome. He's really patient and kind with me. And he speaks pretty good english. Then we were assigned our areas. Mine is the Gubat 1A area. We then drove for like 4 hours because we had to drop off the other missionaries at their apartments. It should've been like a 2 hour drive though haha. The way people drive here is UNREAL. I have never seen anything like it before. They just pass each other whenever, they drive on the left side of the road, and there is like zero traffic rules. Haha no stoplights too. As we were driving to our apartment I looked off on side of the road and this drunk guy was walking around in pink underwear with a bottle in his hand haha such a ronny. We got to our apartment and I met the other two elders that live there. Elder Pascuel from Cebu and Elder Hatch from Elko? Nevada. They are both way awesome. Then I passed out on my bed which smelled way wierd. The next day I just got settled in and we did a lot of planning and studying. Took my first "shower"...bucket and ladle. Oh and no TP by the way if you catch my drift...the toilets can't handle wet wipes either...soooo ya. We went and met some members the other night. I ate some fish head soup that was actually pretty good. Rice with every meal...I ain't complainin. At the store they sell this like bread with some sweet like jam kinda stuff in the middle and it looks kinda like a danish...anyways I eat like 1 of those a day. I've started to drink lots of water too, I need it. Everyone stares at me everywhere I go. It was cool the first few days, but now its getting kinda wierd and annoying. Oh well. I'll get used to it. There are dogs and cats everywhere. And chickens too. On Sundays there is a big Cockfight competition in one of the villages between Gubat and Sorsagon. Thats some peoples lives here haha but a lot of the men do it for side money. They all have their prized Roosters tied up by their house somewhere.Life here is just like whateves. Way chill. People just like walk in front of jeepneys and trycis all the time. Their houses are way humbling. Although it was told to me that they don't need much of a house because its never cold here, just as long as they have something to cover them from the rain and they're good. I rode on top of a Jeepney the other day haha its so fun. You kinda just chill and let the wind flow through your hair. Conference was legit...again. Although this time I didn't pay attention as well...I thought about the deer hunt and fishing quite a bit. Whoevers got a tag this year and is reading this make sure you email me and tell me how it went...I'm getting depressed about not being there haha jk but seriously. We played ball today. I kinda just rebound everthing and drive it back in because everyones afraid I'm gonna run them over or something haha. Filipinos are good though, they pass alot. They beat us both times, we played whites against darks. Haha they are way funny too. They all ask who my "Barly" ({Girlfriend} we will say) back home is and they say I have to choose one from our Zone...haha they are so dumb. But I love them so much already! The people are amazing too. All the old ladies let us talk to them. I placed my first Pamphlet the other day! We don't do BOM's because a lot of the time they will just throw them away. Also I shared the scripture Mosiah 24:14-16 with an old lady who is going throw some hard times the other day. Awesome experience. The works going well, I can't really understand anyone except kids because they talk so flippin fast but I am trying my best! I love you guys so much and miss everyone! I loved talking to the FamDamly the other day and I realized that I have the best family in the whole world! Thanks you guys, I'll keep you in my prayers!
Love Elder Akins

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