Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas wherever you are! This past week has been really crazy! I'll start on Monday.

Monday we had to travel to Sorsogon to practice our skit for the Christmas Conference on Wednesday. After waiting for like 2 hours for everyone to get there we were able to start. After we all went out to eat. For some reason we had a lot more Elders than we should've had on one tricy, and all the big guys were on the back. The driver took a bad angle on the gutter and needless to say we ended up poppin a wheelie. I was inside not knowing what the heck was going on and the driver was screeching Bicol at us. Lucky enough someone caught us before the thing tip over backwards but it was still pretty crazy. Once we got going again we all started laughing our butts off and the driver was laughing with us.

Tuesday we stayed in the ZL's apartment with 10 other Elders. It was packed and it took forever for everyone to shower. Once it was time for bed the ZL's pulled out 3 regular sized mattresses for 8 of got pretty tight. But we still had fun talking and stuff. Took forever to fall asleep cuz one of the Illocano Elders would not shut up. They like to talk haha.

Wednesday we went to the Christmas Conference. It was awesome, we got to see all of our batch mates and the rest of our mission. The Polys did the Haka for one of the skits, it was way sick. They fed us way good, which I needed cuz all we eat is either Adobo or Pancit. On the way home I got way car sick. I hate the vans we have to take. Its packed to the brim with people, hot and the seats are terrible. I hate those things with a passion.

Thursday we had some good work. On the way to one of our areas I saw this lady wearing a shirt a funny shirt. The only reason I noticed it was because it said Cowboys. This is what it said," Cowboys butts drive me nuts." I was dying after haha Elder Yu had no idea what was going on. I led all the lessons during this week too, I was so proud of myself haha. Somehow, even though I have hardly any knowledge of the language I was able to convey my message to them. It was pretty cool.

Friday was pretty interesting. We were at a member's house for lunch this crazy guy was walking by and started to talking to me. He came right up into the house and just starting talking. I managed to understand him. It was really wierd, he started to talking about how he "died for the church", of which church I have no idea, and then things got weird. He pulled up his shirt and showed me the big scar close to his belly-button and said "see". I had no idea what was going on. After that he offered me a cigarette. First time thats ever happened to me haha. That night after dinner I used the scraps and made a nice little trap, just as any good ole country boy would do. Well I in fact did end up catching one of the neighborhood cats, not once, but twice.

Saturday was the Branch Christmas Party. It was great. We all had a good time and the food was awesome. We had a whole cooked pig too! The only problem was the Branch can't afford utensils for everyone. Kamay lang or just hands. The highlight for me was I ate for the first time the Chocolate Stew or Pork Blood Stew. I tasted like some Ronny lit one up and tossed the ashes into the stew. Nasty.

Sunday I gave my 2nd talk in Sacrament. It went pretty well. My topic was "Gifts we can give the Savior this Christmas". I focused on using the Atonement, taking the Gospel to others, and living the Gospel. I wish I was fluent at Tagalog, that would make things a lot easier haha.

Thats about all of the things that happened this week. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love you all!
Elder Akins

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