Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost 100 Days In!

Well to start off last week I broke our fridge. I was cleaning the ice out of the freezer with a knife...ya that was a bad idea. I hit a pipe and all this gas started coming out, I was freaking out! Anyways we got a new one yesterday so its all good, the old was stunk anyways. I got to go on Exchanges with our District Leader this week, Elder Webb. It was nice to be with a white guy for once, someone I could talk to about home. I also led the area, that was pretty cool. I found that I knew the language better that I thought, although I still don't know it very good haha. The next day after that me and Elder Yu were walking back from our last lesson and I had to "pee like a race horse". The cool thing about the Philippines is that they don't have many bathrooms, so bushes work just as well I've come to find out. But after I got done I got this burning sensation done South...ya not good. Come to find out I need to drink more water and less pop so that I won't get UTI...I was pretty close. Anyways I'm good now. The next day I left my shoes outside cuz they were wet from the rain. I went to look for them the day after and I only found 1 of them. I searched all over the yard, couldn't find it. As I was walking out into the street I saw it stuck in a slit in the fence where all the dogs come into our yard from. I got lucky some mutt didn't run off with it haha. Nothing else happened this week, just work work work. We do have another investigator who is going to be baptized next week, and she said she wants me to do it! I'm super stoked. Sorry I haven't wrote that much, we don't have alot of time this week because yesterday was actually PDAY but we didn't get to email cuz some Ricky down the street was putting a big sign up on a building and it somehow fell and hit the powerlines. So we didn't have power most of the night. Love you guys! Talk to ya next week!
Elder Akins

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