Monday, December 16, 2013

Kamusta Po Galing Ang Philippines

Another week in the Philippines! Well first off last Monday as I was sitting at my desk writing in our Area Book I noticed that my legs were shaking. Then I realized that the whole house was shaking! The earthquake was only minor and it only lasted like 3 or 4 seconds but it was enough for me to freak out! Our work this week wasn't as good as usual because me and Elder Yu have had to take care of all of the paperwork and other matters for the new Sister's apartment. When we took the final papers to the owner she told us to fill everything out and then she would sign it. She made us write all of her information and stuff! I've come to realize that there are two kinds of people in this world: Hard Workers, and Lazy Turds. Couldn't believe it. Anyways some good things that did happen this week though was that one of our investigators that has been an investigator since Elder Yu got here has finally been accepting what we are teaching and is reading and praying every night! She is slowly progressing, but never the less progressing. Also I had my first dream in Tagalog. It was flippin sweet, there was also monster bucks in it so it made it double amazing! And the best part of all! We got another baptism. But this time I got to baptize her. And it didn't turn out like I had planned. The first time I dunked her I forgot to have her plug her nose haha so we had to do it again. Next she let her legs come up. Again. Then this time her hair didn't get all the way under (In my defense they didn't put enough water in the fount). But the last one my District Leader said "Just shove her under" so I did. And we finally got it done. So now the joke in our District is that we have 4 baptized and 1 confirmed this week haha. And yesterday we had a goofy lesson with the Sister I baptized on Saturday. We were teaching about baptism and recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost and had just shared a scripture about the two. I asked her "So Sister, what happend yesterday?" She literally interpreted this as "What did you eat yesterday" because she replied back "Well I didn't eat lunch." All I could say was Uhhh...what?! Haha it was just really weird. She gets confused easy and stuff I guess haha but she has a really strong testimony of this Gospel so I'm glad I got the oppurtunity to baptize her. I hope everyone is doing well back at home and I hope that you all have an awesome Holiday Season. Shout out to all my boys in the field, just to let y'all know the Cowboys are actually doing good this year as far as I'm told! Mahal ko kayo and Merry Christmas!
Elder Akins

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