Monday, August 18, 2014

Hittin the 1Year to Go Mark!

I made it, 1 down, 1 to go! I have to say that it was quite a normal day though. We did have a way crazy good spiritual lesson that morning, probably one of the Top 10 in my Mish, but that was it. I mostly tried not to get Trunky during the day, but sometimes I just had to look at my comp and hold up my number 1 finger. Man time is so fast! That night to celebrate with myself, I bought a load of Filipino Peso Kiddie Candies and ate it on our deck. It felt like a night well spent. The next day I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time, I go hard in Personal Study. So now all I got left is the Bible and I'll have read everything in my Mission time. And the day after that me and my comp gave the Workshop for our District Meeting. I talked most of the time because it was my comp's first time doing it. He shared some of his personal stories though which were really awesome, he's such a stud. He's a Convert of 1 year and 4 months, he left as soon as he could for the Mission Field after he waited his 1 year as an RC. Such a cool kid. On Sunday we had a suprise visit from Elder Collado of the 70. He gave a great talk on Missionary Work and Involving the Members. We have pretty good help from the Members here but hopefully it gets em even more excited! We need all the help we can get. And the last thing I'll update ya on is my 1st Facial in the History of my Life. I will never be getting one again, worst experience ever. My acne's been pretty bad lately, so I've been going to a Dermotologist here in Legazpi, probably half the reason I'm in Daraga. Anyways today I had to get a Facial, and man it about killed me. It hurt so dang bad. I'll leave the details for my Journal, but just know that I was so tired after being in the room for 3 hours I just sat down and layed there for forever. I actually fell asleep at the first part of the Facial when the Dermotologist was washing my face, but then she started in on my acne. Stress balls pretty much saved me. Love you all, please be safe and remember who you are (quotes by Shannon Akins). Hope everyones having fun at school!
Elder Akins

It says, "Come on in to B-Meg Country".
B-Meg is a Rooster feed. Filipinos love Cock Fighting.
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