Monday, August 11, 2014

Daraga is Legit!

Oh ya life is good here in Daraga! We had McRonalds twice this week! And I get to play PingPong and Basketball every PDay! And my apartments floor is actually clean and looks good! And so on and so forth. But seriously, this area is great. Its progressing and we should be having a baptism in a few weeks. We were able to tract this tatay (old man) that kept greeting us in English the past week. We were allowed to enter his tiny hut. We got in and sat down on his bamboo bed because it was the only other furniture other than a plastic chair he had. It was kinda messy. Then I caught a bad whiff of something. I looked down on the ground next to me. It was his dirty dishes and old food/rice in a pile. I almost gagged haha but I kept it to myself. We proceeded with the lesson of the Restoration. It went really well. He ended up accepting a Baptismal Date, an invitation to come to our English Class, an invitation to attend a Baptism the next day, and to come to Church on Sunday! All of which he did! It was great. I haven't had someone respond that well in a while. It made me think of the scripture D&C 18:10. His soul really means a lot to our Heavenly Father, I guess all of our souls, no matter what our situation is. It humbled me. Also that week I had the crazy experience of interpreting a dream. Long story short we visited one of our investigators who wants to be baptized but her husband won't let her. She told us she had a dream. In it she saw to men walking back and forth in her village wearing black shoulderbags and trying to talk to everyone. No one would listen to them. They then climbed a hill. At the top of the hill was a Golden Door. They opened it, and began to enter. Then she called out to them and asked where they were going. They said to see Jesus and she replied that she wanted to go see him too. They said, "Then follow us." and reached a hand out to her. But she wasn't able to enter. Then the dream ended. At that time I remembered a scripture about a gate in the Book of Mormon, and after some quick research I came up with 2 Nephi 31:17. Maybe check it out in your personal time. It was a very spiritual experience for me, and she even cried a little. Her husband doesn't allow her to come to Church but she showed up for Sacrament on Sunday somehow. Really awesome experience I'll never forget. I really just love my Mission! And I love these Filipinos! Haha they are so dang funny sometimes. I wish you guys could hear some of their jokes, man they just crack me up all the time. I love you all and hope that you are all well. Y'all take care now!
Elder Akins

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