Saturday, August 31, 2013

1st Week in the MTC

Kamusta Pamilia!!! How is everyone?! Thanks so much for all the letters and packages, you guys are awesome. Life here is crazy! Always doing something. My 2nd day here I became District Leader! I sent you a letter that will tell you about how I have been and stuff. For everyone else I am doing awesome and am so glad to be here! I actually have 2 companions, Elder Haymond for Santaquin, UT, and Elder Christofferson from Lehi, UT. Elder H is Joeys cousins friend, the one Doree talked about. Hes so sick. We ball together. And Elder C is awesome too. Yes he is in fact related to the Apostle, its his dads cousin or something. Anyways, lots of the time I catch myself dreaming about monster bucks or trout and stuff haha. I love being outside when I can. I saw a "vole" as Elder C put it the other day. Haha I just notice wildlife alot more now Im away from it so much. We have a great view of the mountains though! Everyone keeps callin me a Redneck for some reason, I wonder why. I recently "installed" a new fridge into our room. Its made from a cardboard box and some ducktape, I'll send some pics later. Oh and my first discussion went ok. We taught a girl named Teresa, who is "from the Philippines"(Not really). She is Catholic, attending BYU and lives with some "Mormons". The lesson went okay I guess, it was hard understand here because she talks so fast and it was only my 3rd day! It seriously is amazing how much I already know. Dad you were right, I think I learned like 20 words on the first day, but its just remembering them is the hard part haha. Oh funny story, I was doing the Rosetta Stone things in the lab (we call it TALL) and I was repeating some words from the computer into the mic on the headset back into the computer. And I was sitting next to this Latino Elder, and a word came up called "buto" which means bone, so i said it, not registering buto and a spanish word that means a female dog. Then I realized what I had said and slowly looked over at the other Elder, haha I dont think he noticed but I sure was nervous! I love you guys so much and miss everyone a ton. Mahal kita! Ingat! (Love Ya! Bye!)
Elder Akins

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